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Agricola Sabatini is located in Umbria. This area is called the "Green Heart of Italy". It is located between small medieval towns in the valley of the river Aja, at an altitude of 440 meters above sea level.Here is a particularly favorable climate, hilly terrain, and rocky drainage soils, easily permeable to the roots of olive trees. These soils allow the roots to grow in width and depth, making the trees stronger and more resistant to natural conditions resilient.


Sabatini Agricultural Company was founded in 1955. In the post-war period, Armando Sabatini, inspired by his passion for horticulture, following an ancient Etruscan tradition that lasted throughout the Middle Ages and has survived to the present day, began his business by making the world's most perfect olive oil.Today, after 65 years of existence, the economy business has significantly developed thanks to Riccardo Sabatini, a representative of the third generation of oil producers. It occupies about 20 hectares and has 2,600 olive trees of the varieties Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo, which creates create a product of exceptional quality.The company is also a leader in the Umbrian community of manufacturers to promote and sell in promoting and selling local standard products.